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Scion Dental Case Study

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Case Studies

Customized IVRs Support Increased Call Volumes for Dental Administration

Customized, Self-Service Options Make it Easy to Support Rapid Growth

Finding a scalable solution to support increased call volumes without add headcount

Scion Dental is a world-class dental administration company focused on bringing next-generation claims management and technology solutions together for government entities and commercial payers to improve process efficiencies, drive compliance and dramatically reduce the cost of delivering dental benefits.

As a rapidly growing company, Scion Dental needed a communications solution that would support their consistent increases in call volume while helping them to continue deliver an exceptional customer experience. Knowing that they would need to make some changes to their contact center technology in order to scale their business, they chose Mitel’s Summit Platform to customize a telecom solution that would support their growth and maintain quality customer interactions without adding headcount.

Mitel created two custom IVRs for Scion Dental - one for patients and one for dental providers. The patient IVR was set up so patients can search for dental providers by ZIP code and directly connect with their preferred provider. The dental provider IVR was designed so providers can obtain patient information such as their appointment history, the type of coverage they have and insurance claims. Both IVRs were set up to be encrypted to ensure HIPAA compliance.

“Working with Mitel has been great. By allowing callers to utilize self-service options within the IVR, they don’t need to wait to speak to agents for simple requests, plus they have 24/7 access to information. We realize that all callers are not the same and strive to provide many service options for them – and Mitel has allowed us to do that through their IVR capabilities.”

Jeanine Saer, Director of Centralized
Administration, Scion Dental

Improved customer service, better support for growth

Now Scion Dental patients and providers have tailored IVR experiences specific that are personalized to their unique needs. The two IVRs enabled Scion Dental to provide self-service to 50% of their incoming calls, allowing them to reduce wait times and provide faster customer service.

With Mitel’s cloud-based solution, Scion Dental can scale on-demand to support business growth and increased call volumes, while continuing to customize their IVRs as needed to maintain exceptional customer service.


Increased call volumes, compliance requirements and a need to serve multiple customer types left dental administrators in search of a flexible IVR solution that would support their rapid growth.


Mitel’s IVR and development tools made advanced customizations and HIPAA compliance brilliantly simple.


  • On-demand scalability supports rapid growth
  • Customized IVRs deliver self-service support for over half of incoming calls
  • Encrypted IVRs provide support for HIPAA compliance
  • Time of day routing ensures all calls are answered

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